Why Web Safety??  Because of the Dark Side of the Internet

Predators, bullies, and dangerous situations are lurking in cyberspace; educate your children and yourself about the dangers present on the Internet. Wisconsin based Web Safety 4 Kids offers presentations and workshops for schools, organizations, and individuals about these serious situations and the best methods for protecting yourself and your children from becoming victims. Our organization was established in 2001 to offer Internet safety advice on the safe use of the Internet, gleaned from our many years of experience in researching web safety. Protect yourself and your family with knowledge and guidelines against the threats that online predators pose, as well as other risk factors found on the Internet.


Online Safety Against Internet Predators

Statistics show that the public should be alarmed about the information, images, sites, and people that our children are exposed to online everyday. The protection of our children is crucial to us at Web Safety 4 Kids. We offer educational presentations to inform parents, teachers, children and the community about online safety, cyber bullying, Internet luring, and Internet predators.

Present to your School or Community

Contact us for information about our presentations and workshops. Learn where your children have been, what they can access on the Internet, and why it is essential to know

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